Parks In Mississauga

Parks In Mississauga

Kariya Park
Situated in the centre of Mississauga, Kariya Park was created in honour of twin-city relationship with Kariya, Japan. The distinct vegetation includes the lavender Iris laevigata (Kariya’s official city flower), gingko and sweetgum trees. This small park is open seven days a week.
Address: Kariya Dr, off Burnhamthorpe Rd E | Mississauga, ON
Tel: 1 905 896-5384


Meadowvale Conservation Area
This large park area has flat open spaces for game-playing, fishing spots, three picnic areas, barbecues and a nature trail. It’s a popular recreation area on warm days.
Address: 1081 Old Derry Rd West, | Mississauga, ON


The Millennium Grove within Dunn Park
Devoted to promoting knowledge of trees indigenous to Southern Ontario, Millennium Grove is home to over 70 species. The trees encompass 1.23 hectares (3 acres) of land, yet there is still room for the open areas and valley.
Address: Dunn Park, 2159 Rogers Road | Mississauga, ON


Rhododendron Gardens
A popular photo backdrop in the summer, these gardens are colourful and interesting. During the months of May until mid June, take a stroll through the blooming hybrid Rhododendrons, which are both rare and exquisite. Picnic facilities and washrooms are on site.
Address: 660 Lakeshore Rd W, | Mississauga, ON


Lakefront Promenade Park
This large park (more than 40 hectares/104 acres) is dedicated to wildlife preservation and outdoor recreation. A playground, boardwalk and cycling paths are just some of the fabulous features of Lakefront Promenade.
Address: 800 Lakefront Promenade, off of Lakeshore Rd E | Mississauga, ON